The Hastings and St Leonards on Sea
Ladies Miniature Golf Club
Established in 1925

Miniature Golf Rules Of Play

  1. All members intending to play must be present before the draw.
  2. No entries for competitions will be accepted until annual subscription has been paid.
  3. No member shall play a round of golf, or practise, on the same day as a cup competition or club drive. Penalty – disqualification.
  4. The player with the lower handicap shall decide which player leads. Even handicaps toss for lead.
  5. The first player to play must wait until opponent has played before moving off, then the player further away from the hole must play.
  6. If the nearer ball is in a direct line between the farther ball and the hole, it may be lifted at the option of the player of the farthest ball.
  7. Players are asked to move away from the holes before marking their cards to avoid holding up following players.
  8. Any ball played into a ditch or onto a path, may be lifted out one foot without penalty.
  9. If a player’s ball moves her opponent’s ball, the opponent, if she chooses, may replace it; but if the player’s ball knocks her opponent’s ball into the hole, the opponent shall be deemed to have holed out in her last stroke.
  10. On club days, when a player has played 5 strokes, the ball is lifted and 6 is scored on the card.
  11. An airshot must be counted as a stroke, both on the tee and on the fairway.
  12. Challenger in each competition to offer a choice of three dates to her opponent, and if one is not accepted in a reasonable time, the game shall go to the challenger unless a good excuse is given. (Except in Morren and Hart competitions).The Challenger to be the player whose name appears above her opponent on the competition board.
  13. The semi-finals and finals of all Matches will be refereed by the Captain or Vice-Captain.
  14. After a player has totalled her card, it should be handed to the other player to check, then both cards signed by both players and placed in the box provided in the Club Room.
  15. Special attention should be paid to dates of competitions, as extended dates CANNOT be given.
  16. In trophy competitions, in the event of a tie, players to play a further three holes until a winner is decided.
  17. The proposer of a new member should play with that member on her first three games, to acquaint her with the procedure of play and the rules.
  18. In matches players pick up after 12 strokes.
  19. Complaints of any nature must be made in writing to the Committee, through the Secretary.